Instruction Manuals

Download Instruction Manuals for
Supreme Audio & SupremeVision

Personal Viewing Screens
     - SV17C 17" Digital & Analog
         LCD Personal Viewing Screen & Controller

Entertainment Systems
SV-301RManual.doc (128kb file)
     - The Entertainer SV-301R
         3-Band Receiver
SV-301MTManual.doc (113kb file)
     - The Entertainer SV-301MT
         900 MHz. Transmitter
SV-301FTManual.doc (126kb file)
     - The Entertainer SV-301FT
         FM Transmitter
SV-301GTManual.doc (126kb file)
     - The EntertainerSV-301GT
         2.4 GHz. Transmitter
SPAFM300.pdf (52kb file)
     - SupremeAudio SPA-FM300
         FM Wireless Entertainment System
         (Replaced by the SV-301FT above)

Audio Mixers
SPA67-manual.pdf (3.22Mb file)
     - SupremeAudio SPA-67
         7-Channel Audio Mixer
         (equivalent to Rolls RM-67)

Portable Sound Systems
NavigatorSeries7000UsersGuide.pdf (950kb file)
     - SupremeAudio NAVIGATOR
         Series 7000 Wireless Portable Sound System

Wireless Microphone Systems
SA94-Manual.doc (3.4 Mb file)
     - SupremeAudio SA94 "The NEW Breeze"
        12-Channel 900 MHz
        Waterproof, Submersible, Combo Headset Mic Transmitter
SA95-Manual.doc (3.3 Mb file)
     - SupremeAudio SA95 "The NEW Breeze"
        12-Channel 900 MHz
        Beltpack Transmitter
SSA900-Manual.doc (3.5 Mb file)
     - SupremeAudio SA900 "The NEW Breeze"
        12-Channel Wireless 900 MHz Receiver

SPA664-manual.pdf (1.5 Mb file) (Discontinued)
     - SupremeAudio SPA-664 "The Breeze"
         Combo Headset Microphone
         600 MHz Wireless Microphone System

Headset Microphones
SPA155.pdf (50kb file)
     - SupremeAudio SPA-155
         Sweatproof Headset Microphone

SPA157.pdf (50kb file)
     - SupremeAudio SA-159
         Waterproof Headset Microphone
SPA664.pdf (56kb file)
     - SupremeAudio SPA-664 "The Breeze"
         Combo Headset Microphone