Foreign Orders

Foreign Orders

Due to the complexity of shipping orders internationally, we cannot offer online Shopping Cart Order Service for such orders. However...we have a very simple 5-Step process for you to place orders with us:

Step 1:
Select items:
Select any number of items which you would definitely like to purchase and place them in a Shopping Cart.

Step 2:
Abandon Shopping Cart:
When you have finished your selections, continue the CHECKOUT procedure until it will not let you go any further! Please include your specific shipping address needed to calculate shipping costs! Then ABANDON your shopping cart by going to a different website. We understand that this sounds a bit unusual!  Our shopping cart will then know that you have NOT completed that transaction and will immediately send an email to YOU and to US, indicating that you have abandoned your shopping cart with all of the selected product details. You will then have a printed record of the items you wish to purchase.

Step 3:
Shipping Calculation:
When we receive this abandoned cart email, we will calculate the shipping cost and the timing of the shipment.  We might even give you a few choices of different types of shipping, depending on your location

Step 4:
Confirm Order:
Email us at or call us at 603-876-3636 with your credit card information (we cannot retrieve it from your shopping cart).  If you have shopped with us directly before and we have your credit card information, so you do not have to repeat it.

Step 5:
Order Ships:
If your credit card charge is approved, we will ship your order with the fair and correct shipping charge. 

Note: We do use address verification on all orders.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call  603-876-3636.



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