Grommes-Precision Power Amplifiers - AXIOM Series

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The Grommes-Precision amplifiers are ideal for professionals who require maximum performance on a limited budget. Grommes-Precision has optimized output. Easy hookup and adjustments, excellent audio quality and Grommes-Precision reliability...since 1946.

There are 3 series of Grommes-Precision Amplifiers:

AXIOM Series Power Amplifiers:
Available in 60, 125, 250 and 500 watt RMS, the Axiom series amplifiers will mix a 600 ohm balanced line inputs at either at tel-page level or line level and will automatically mute the dual RCA line input.  A simple to install and use back ground music and paging system.

Rack mount face plate with handles, shelf-mounted feet, Tele-paging (automatically mutes the Music Input), 2 AUX (music) inputs). Screw Terminal inputs.
60 Watt RMS - (4 ohm, 25V, and 70.7V), 2 RU

GPAX125 125 Watts RMS - (4 ohm, 25V, and 70.7V), 2 RU
GPAX250 250 Watts RMS - (4 ohm, 25V, and 70.7V), 2 RU

GPAX2BY125 125 Watts RMS - (4 ohm, 25V, and 70.7V), 2 RU
GPAX500-OTL 500 Watts RMS - (70.7V only), 2 RU

BASIX 2-Channel Series Mixer Amplifiers:
Simple, Practical, and economical features like a Microphone / Telephone Page inputs that will automatically mute the Auxiliary channel makes this series of mixer amplifiers live up to it's name--Basix. The units combine only what is needed for the everyday background music - paging applications.  Outputs include 4 - 8 ohm  along with 25V and 70.7 volt transformer isolated are standard on each unit.

2 Input Channel Mixer Amplifiers: Tele-Paging (automatically mutes the Music Input), 1 AUX (music) inputs). Screw Terminal inputs, Tone Control.
GPB15 15 Watts RMS, 2 RU
GPB30 30 Watts RMS, 2 RU
GPB60 60 Watts RMS, 2 RU
GPB125 125 Watts RMS, 2 RU

GTC Series 7-Channel Mixer Amplifiers: NEW!
The GTC Series is a series of 7 input channel mixer amplifier. This series has three separate models 60, 125, and 250 Watts of continuous RMS power.  Each unit will mix 7 channels; up to 5 microphone (Female XLR- or screw terminal), 6 Aux, and a 600 ohm tele-page input in nearly any combination.  Separate Wide Range Bass and Treble Controls are included on the mixer amplifier. The GTC series consists of two levels of voice / signal activated muting and available phantom power, making this series of mixer amplifiers suitable for a wide variety of audio applications.

Combination between 5 MIC/AUX and 1 Telephone Line and 1 AUX Inputs. Tele-Paging (automatically mutes the Music Input). XLR Jacks,Screw Terminal inputs, Phantom Power, separate Treble and Bass Controls. Shelf-mounted feet and Rack Mount Ears included with each unit. 4 and 8 ohms, 25V and 75V outputs.
60 Watts RMS, 2 RU

GPGTC125C 125 WattsRMS , 2 RU
GPGTC250C 250 Watts RMS, 2 RU

7 year limited warranty by Grommes-Precision™.

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