YMCA of Greater Richmond Virginia - 17 Locations

Supreme Audio Delivers Quality Products and Service to the Richmond YMCA

Many thanks to Louie Klenke, the equipment manager at the 17 locations for the YMCA or Greater Richmond, Virginia (serving their communities for more than 160 years!) for taking the time to share his experience with Supreme Audio with Community Rec Magazine! We thoroughly enjoyed the process of working with him to upgrade the AV and sound systems in multiple locations - we love to integrate existing systems with the newest technology in order to provide an affordable and stellar customer experience.




He was interviewed by Bobby Dyer, Editor of Community Rec Magazine.

"Sound systems are essential to creating more engaging atmospheres and enhancing member experiences. Supreme Audio, an industry leader in state-of-the-art fitness sound systems, can help take the quality of your fitness offerings to the next level.

Here, Louie Klenke, the equipment manager at the YMCA of Greater Richmond, shares his positive experience with the quality products and customer service of Supreme Audio"...Click here to read the full article!

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