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SupremeSounds™ Background Streaming Music by SupremeAudio™ provides more than 30 channels of great music for gyms. No static, no commercials, no DJs, no interruptions.

SupremeSounds™ is designed specifically for businesses. With it, you’ll always enjoy crystal clear background music. And best of all, this system utilizes your existing internet connection, no need for antennas or satellite dishes.

Expert music programmers constantly update the programs so you don’t have to mix your own soundtracks. The feel and sound is uniquely “the sound of your Gym”. Content is appropriate for all audiences, with no DJ interruptions or advertising.

What equipment do I need?
All you need is a sound system and a high-speed broadband internet connection with an ethernet cable available near your sound system. Our service is compatible with any sound system that has an available input, such as AUX or CD. The media player connects in two places: to the router via a standard CAT5 network cable and to the amplifier using a standard RCA cable.

Simple to Setup, Simpler to Use
Simply remove the player from the box, plug it into a power outlet, connect it to the internet and audio system and enjoy! There are no antennas or discs, no synchronization to your computer, and no playlists to maintain. With the SupremeSounds™ remote control (included)...managing your music is easy.

Affordable for All
The player is only $149.00! Music content is just $29.95 a month. SupremeSounds™ offers a competitively priced way to supply licensed* background music to your Gym. Choose Annual ($359.40/12 mo.) or Quarterly ($89.85/3 mo.) credit card billing.

Cart pricing includes the one-time fee for the player plus either a 3-month service fee or a 12-month service fee.

No activation fee
Streaming Service Only $29.95 per month

Choose Annual ($359.40/12 mo.) or
Quarterly ($89.85/3 mo.) credit card billing
    Includes all music licensing fees
    30 commercial-free music channels
    Choose from a wide variety of music styles
    No commercials, DJ chatter or other distractions
    Simple 5-minute self-installation

* Special Music Licensing Note:
Music licensing for use in gyms is included in the monthly fee EXCEPT for music covered by ASCAP! ASCAP has an exclusion for facilities which charge an "admission charge" which covers most gyms (including non-profit facilities since they do charge a monthly membership fee to enable use of the gym)

Click here for information from ASCAP on fitness facility licensing


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