Samson AirLine 77 Wireless System - AH7 Qe Fitness Headset SW7A7SQE (sweat-resistant)

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  • Samson Airline 77 Combo Headset Transmitter & Receiver
  • Samson AH7 Combo Fitness Headset
  • Samson CR77 UHF Receiver
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Samson AirLine 77 Wireless System - AH7 Qe Fitness Headset SW7A7SQE (sweat-resistant):

The Samson AirLine 77 AH7 Fitness Headset System is a wireless microphone solution designed to meet the specific demands of fitness instructors. With the recently updated AH7 micro transmitter mounted to a sweat-resistant Qe fitness headset mic, you can free yourself completely from cables and beltpacks for a truly exhilarating and motivating experience. This allows you to focus on your class or performance, and not have to worry about your audio

The Samson AH7 Fitness Headset headset features an easy-to-reach Power On/Off switch, Input Sensitivity control to adjust the mic level, Mute (Audio on/off) switch and a multi-function LED that indicates when the transmitter is on and when your battery is running low. Operates on 1 AAA battery with up to 14 hours of battery life.

Samson Airline 77 AH7 UHF Headset System Includes:

  • 1 x AH7/QE Airline Fitness Headset Transmitter
  • 1 x CR77 Dual Antenna Receiver
  • 5-pack of foam headset microphone windscreens
  • Reduces vocal popping and wind noise
  • Connecting Cable

Available Frequencies: FCC Unrestricted use:

  • K1 - 489.050 MHz - UPC: 809164220497 - SKU: SW7A7SQE-K1
  • K2 - 490.975 MHz - UPC: 809164220503 - SKU: SW7A7SQE-K2
  • K3 - 492.425 MHz - UPC: 809164220510 - SKU: SW7A7SQE-K3
  • K4 - 477.525 MHz- UPC: 809164220763 - SKU: SW7A7SQE-K4
  • K5 - 479.100 MHz- UPC: 809164220787 - SKU: SW7A7SQE-K5
  • K6 - 480.475 MHz- UPC: 809164220794 - SKU: SW7A7SQE-K6

Download Owner's Manual: AirLine AH7 Owner's Manual (English) (886.4 KB)

Samson Airline 77 Limited Warranty:
     2 Year Warranty on All Components (CR77 Receiver + AH7 Combo Headset)

Click Below for Replacement Mic Strap Available:
Samson Airline AH7 Headset Replacement Mic Strap (for AH7 & QEx only)

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