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  • Corrosion Block® 4 oz. Spray Pump
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Protects Microphone Plugs, Jacks and Controls from Corrosion!
Restores and protects contacts
4 oz. Spray Pump or 1 oz. Dispenser

Kills sweat residue and moisture corrosion on contact
Prevents rust and corrosion from starting
Blocks corrosion from spreading
Protects electronic equipment

Corrosion Block® is a revolutionary product that: kills corrosion on contact, stops corrosion from ever coming back, and finally lubricates the area. Corrosion Block® is safe for wireless microphones and electronic components in poolside environments.

Did you know that Corrosion Block®-
    is the US military's corrosion control product of choice
    was used during the filming of The Titanic
    was used during the filming of WaterWorld

Key Benefits:
    Entirely non-conductive - can be applied to any electronic circuit without fear
    Safe on rubbers and plastics - won't melt your o-rings and gaskets
    Preventative maintenance - protect your equipment now before it's permananently damaged

Corrosion Block® is a marine version of the aviation and military's ACF-50. This is a specially formulated penetrant that was created to battle the worst kind of corrosion.

A typical sealant actually traps in the moisture. Future corrosion is slowed, but the damage is not reversed. This is not proper corrosion protection.

Corrosion Block® penetrates deep into the root of the problem, destroying existing corrosion and creating a protective barrier. The moisture is displaced to the top, where it evaporates off ! This is the best rust and corrosion prevention method available.

Corrosion Block® is a clean, clear, ultra-thin fluid which leaves a non-greasy astmospheric barrier to protect the base metal on interior surfaces. It leaves no gummy residue, and it can be sprayed on, or wiped on with a damp rag.

Available as a 4 oz. Spray Pump or a 1 oz. dispenser. Note: Packaging may vary slightly from product pictures.

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