The Supreme Team™

The Supreme Team™  - Nationwide Installation Partnership

The Supreme Team...National Installation Partnership

Most of the sound systems we sell are easily installed by our customers. However, some of the larger multi-zone systems are complex enough that you might want to have professional installation and set up assistance.

Since 1975, we have had a network of sound contractors across the country who are qualified to do these installations. As always, we design the system and then provide our Installation Partner with all of the information they need to correctly install our equipment in your facilities.

Our Installation Partners are not our employees, but rather are all independent contractors.

We coordinate, but YOU maintain full control as to layout preferences which will help your professional staff serve your clients best.

Supreme Team Installation Partners can also instruct your staff in the proper use of the equipment after installation.

Contact us for the details of this program.

We trust our Installation Partners...and you will too!

Note: Installation fees are not refundable, even if some of all of the installed hardware is returned within the appropriate period.