Paint On Screen Single-Coat Projection Screen Paint - 1 Gal.

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Paint On Screen® is the leading single-coat projection screen paint that allows anyone to paint a screen onto any surface. Our technology makes creating a projection screen extremely cost effective. In less than an hour you can paint vivd 2D or brilliant silver 3D screen with picture perfect 1080p HD and even 4K UltraHD clarity.

Paint On Screen® uses a specialized and highly refined silver metallic base to ensure pixel clarity, sharpness and uniform brightness. Our silver is known for being the most contrast-boosting and color-enhancing material of any screen type.

The advantages of having a permanent painted screen are obvious. A screen that doesn't flex or roll up allows for the perfect light-producing structures to form. In order to achieve the highest resolution your image support must be very rigid. Slight curves and even unperceived unequal tension will cause less then desireable uniformity and thus reduce pixel clarity and resoltuion. Using a paint instead of a traditional vinyl material is the only way to ensure a perfect picture.

Paint On Screen® is very easy to apply: It is designed to be applied just like any other interior paint. The screen can be used immediately after application. Care should be taken to ensure a smooth screen surface. A smoother screen, free of defects, provides the sharpest image. Paint On Screen will take 24 hours to cure to perfection, but can be used immediately.

Coverage Area: 1 Gallon = 170 sq ft. or 240" Diagonal.

Why Is Paint On Screen® A Better Solution?
    Has superior contrast and visual depth compared to vinyl or material screens.
    Is a patent pending formulation of compounds developed through extensive research.
    Provides flat spectral response eliminating image color shift.
    Is formulated on an absolute neutral gray scale.
    Eliminates 4:3, 16:9, 1.78:1, 1.85:1 and 2.35:1 masking problems.
    Can clearly represent pixel resolution up to 4K Ultra HD in under 80" diagonal.
    Costs hundreds less than any other solution.        
    Is very easy to apply. One application with no special mixing or tools.
    Lasts a lifetime, and can be wiped clean and painted over if needed.
    Carries a 100% satisfied, no questions asked, guarantee.

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