Care & Feeding of Mics

Supreme Audio’s Top 10 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Wireless Microphone

  1. Have you done this before? After a heart-pumping, energy soaring class you quickly pull your wireless mic off, wrap the cable around the headset frame, toss it aside, and hit the shower. Oops! There are fine wires inside the cable that can break after repeated wrapping and twisting around the headset. As the wires break down you’ll begin to hear an annoying, crackling sound – and eventually no sound. So, take just a few moments to set you headset aside in a safe place without twisting the cable too much and you’ll find the headset lasts much longer.
  2. Trying to make the cable on your wireless mic headset shorter? Avoid tying it in a knot. Yes, a knot will make the cord shorter – but it will also eventually break down the fine wires in the cable causing that crackling, static sound that can drive you crazy. If the cord is really getting in the way of your workout, consider investing in a wireless mic headset/receiver – like Supreme Audio’s The Breeze. No more cords… no more hassle!
  3. Here’s a great tip we’ve received from some of our customers - keep the cable away from your elbows. One good tug during an aerobic/spinning class can pull the cable away from the plug causing the microphone to go "dead" (not to mention giving a good yank on your head!) Microphone clothing clips are provided with some microphones or can be purchased to prevent such damage (and pain!)
  4. Whether you “sweat” or “glow”, definitely use a neoprene belt to protect the beltpack transmitter, keeping moisture off the transmitter and away from the connectors. Moisture during a workout is good. Moisture on your transmitter – not so good.
  5. Avoid hidden corrosion! Before you head out for the day, always unplug the microphone from the transmitter. Sometimes moisture can still creep into the connector and, if it’s not allowed to dry, can result in breakdown and corrosion. Even better, check the plug on the headset and jack in the transmitter for moisture and dry with a clean cloth.
  6. Foam windscreens serve several purposes. First, they help protect the microphone element from moisture. (be sure to take the foam cover off at the end of class or the end of the day to allow the element to dry). Second, for hygiene reasons, each instructor should have their own windscreen for shared mics (no need to know what your co-worker had for lunch!). By the way, it’s a good idea to have several windscreens for your personal use so you can always grab a dry one before the next class. Lastly, they come in funky colors way beyond basic black that not only look great but also help distinguish you from your co-instructors.
  7. Our wireless mics will keep up with every pump, jump, spin, kick, and punch – as long as they are being worn properly. But once the class is over - be gentle. Remember that this is electronic equipment. You should handle the microphone the same way you would a pair of eye glasses.
  8. Here’s a tip that can really extend the life of your beltpak transmitter - choose one battery brand and stick with it. Battery sizes actually do vary and changing brands can and will affect the battery terminals of your transmitter. Over time this will cause a poor connection and lead to intermittent audio. No one likes intermittent audio. Think of your most annoying drive-through experience. “Would….…fries.......that?” Huh???
  9. This seems obvious, but we do have to say it. Transmitter antennas should be treated the same way as the microphone cables. They should not be bent or crimped. They will eventually break and this will cause poor reception and/or static in the system.
  10. Be a Scout. Be prepared. Over time and long extended use, headsets or transmitters can occasionally go down and need repair. Always have a back up on hand so you don’t miss a beat when it comes to your next class. It’s a wise investment that can save you a lot of frustration should you encounter any problems with your current headset. And, remember, Supreme Audio offers lifetime technical support so should you have any issues – call us at once and we’ll see how we can help.

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