Favorite Tips


Having been in business since 1975, we've answered lots of questions and have been asked for our best TIP. Some of our tips are sort of obvious...but we've made these comments to gyms time and time again.

Below are some of our favorites!

1. Music Volume:
This is an often-asked question. We recommend that you play music at an exciting level, but not super loud! If you play the music too loud it will hurt your client's hearing, not to mention, take away from their enjoyment of the class. Music does not have to be super loud to create a level of participant excitement.  Careful music selection and programming are much more effective tools that simply turning the volume up.

2. Instructor Headset Mics & Neoprene Transmitter Beltpacks:
Each instructor should have their own headset or Neoprene Transmitter Beltpacks...or at the very least, their own foam windscreens.  Sounds sort of obvious, but we often hear of gyms where this common-sense policy is not followed.  Needless to say, foam windscreens should be washed and dried out frequently!

3. Sound System Selection - Sequential Buying:
Select your sound system...and especially speakers which are appropriately sized and powered for both the size of the room and the nature of the activity in that room.It makes no sense to buy a much more expensive, higher power-rated amplifier (read that as unnecessarily expensive) than is necessary.

If your budget is limited, then discuss that with us and we'll make our suggestion for Sequential Buying™.  That's our term for adding only the components you can afford right now and continuing to use your current components, where necessary. We'll help you find the right balance. We're here to help you find the correct long-term sound solution, without breaking your budget.  No sales pressure...just experience-based help!

4. Speaker Selection:
Generally speaking, speakers do perform better the more expensive they are.High quality soun d does effect client satisfaction.

Nothing says to the client "We care about you" more than clean sound in the studio with a correct balance between voice and music. That factor and total enjoyment will do as much for your bottom line as great customer service does.

Sure...some of the above are so obvious, you might want to ask why they are on this page. The answer is that the above concepts are some of the most frequent comments which we make to our customers and we offer them here to remind you how important they really are.


Because we really care...we're always glad to hear from you!

                                The Supreme Team