About Us

About Us

Supreme Audio is a full-line manufacturer and retailer of wireless microphones, wireless microphone accessories, FM entertainment systems, portable sound systems and many other products used by fitness and dance instructors around the world. Considered the premiere audio equipment source, we're delighted to serve a worldwide client base including the US Federal Government, US Military-DOD installations, colleges, universities, public school systems, health clubs and dance studios. Originally founded in 1975 as a speaker manufacturer, Supreme Audio has undergone a significant transformation since being acquired by Bill and Peggy Heyman in 1983. Now a 1-stop shop for all your audio needs, this company features the most comprehensive selection of complete sound systems, sweat-proof and waterproof aquatic wireless microphones, variable speed pitch control CD players, variable speed pitch control tape decks, amplifiers, speakers, mixers and portable sound systems all available on our website...the largest of its kind.

Our philosophy: We don't believe in hard sells. In fact, we often say..."We don't spend other people's money!" Our goal is to offer you the broadest selection of high quality products available, including our own brand as well as those from well-known manufacturers. All products are spread over a wide range of prices and features, so that YOU can make an informed buying decision. We are aware of vendors who "sell" rather than present and we feel you are not well served by such a strategy. Simply stated, we give you all the information you need to make a decision that meets your needs and budget.

Shop with Confidence: In these tough times everyone is being careful with money. You want to buy from a vendor who has the financial strength to survive this economy and to be there for you in the future.

In that regard, Supreme Audio is unique. We have invested significantly in both inventory and working capital. We treat our suppliers well and they return the favor. That means they love to ship their products to us, making it easy to keep stock for you.

Outstanding service to our customers and suppliers gives us the financial strength to offer the largest selection of sound systems at competitive prices. We plan to be here, serving you, long after this economic downturn has passed.

Customer comments: We have posted many Customer Comments on this website (always with their knowledge and permission) to let you hear what other clients are saying about us. Our motto in-house is to always assume that "we" are the customer. What would "we" want to hear from Supreme Audio? How would "we" want to be treated? That attitude has brought us to where we are today.

Take advantage of our expertise in professional audio equipment exclusively for Fitness & Dance Instruction. A "sound environment" in your health club or fitness facility will help increase your profits and customer satisfaction! That's right...we can help you make money by keeping your clients satisfied.

Consistency: We behave consistently. You can always depend our quality service. Before the sale...during the sale...and after the sale.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! is very simple: we want you to be satisfied with anything you buy from us and accordingly offer a 30 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Period.

Offering the reliability of a family-run business, since 1975, our experience makes the difference.

Bill & Peggy Heyman
Co-Founders and Presidents

PS. We're the worldwide "Preferred Audio Vendor" for Gold's Gym™, UFC Gym™, Powerhouse Gym™, & World Gym™