Subwoofers - OAP Audio SFT-115, Elecro-Voice ELX118P, QSC K-Series K-SUB, Peavey PR-SUB
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Product Index >> Speakers Index >> Powered (Active) Subwoofers by OAP Audio, QSC & Electro-Voice
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Gym & Dance Studio Speakers
Electro-Voice: ZLX Series | ELX Series | EVID 8 Ohm | EVID 70 Volt
OAP Audio | Peavey | Gemini | Bose
QSC Powered Speakers | Subwoofers-Passive & Powered
Soundsphere Ceiling & Hemispherical | Quam Weatherproof
Misco Waterproof | Quam Ceiling | Speaker Stands

OAP Audio SFT-115 | Electro-Voice ELX118 | QSC K-SUB | Peavey PR-SUB

OAP Audio Speakers
OAP Audio SFT-115 Subwoofer 1200W RMS
SFT-115 Passive Subwoofer
Low Frequency Subwoofer

15" Transducer
1200W RMS

The NEW OAP Audio SFT-115 Subwoofer is a 1200-watt low frequency speaker system utilizing a 15" transducer. Designed for fixed use, the SFT-115 should be used when additional low frequencies are needed to augment mid-range, high or full range loudspeaker systems.
Specifications: Impedance: 8 ohms. Weight: 65 lbs. Dimensions: 22.5" W x 22.5" H x 13.5" D.
5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty by OAP Audio.
Download SFT-115 Specifications

Call for Price:

Electro-Voice Professional Speakers
18-inch Two-Way
Powered Subwoofer

18" Woofer
700 Watt Class D Lightweight Amplifier

Control Panel - Electro-Voice™ ELX118P 18-inch Powered Subwoofer
(move mouse to close this window)
Rear Control Panel
(Mouseover for a closer look)

Electro-Voice™ ELX118P 18-inch Powered Subwoofer
(move mouse to close this window)
(Mouseover image for a closer look)

The Electro-Voice™ ELX 118P 18-inch Two-Way Powered Subwoofer is optimized for performance with the ELX112 and ELX115. The ELX118 adds a full, deep, low-frequency punch that you can hear and feel. XLR & TRS Combo input connectors.

Braced 15mm plywood enclosure with black textured finish Pole mount or stack with Live X Subwoofers. Black textured finish. Sold individually.



Check out these features!
Electro-Voice ELX118P
18-inch Direct-Radiating Powered Subwoofer
Omnidirectional Coverage Pattern

18-inch Direct-Radiating Powered Subwoofer
Omnidirectional Coverage Pattern
ELX118 performance with Self-Amplification
EVS-18K Woofer for Extended LF
32 Hz 130 Hz Frequency Range
Lightweight, Cool-Running 700 W Class D Amp
Selectable Normal/Boost Modes
XLR and TRS Combo Input
XLR Parallel Output
Braced 15mm Plywood Enclosure
Stack or Pole-Mount Full-Range Boxes
Black Textured Finish
Axial Sensitivity (SPL, 1 W @ 1 m) 96 dB
Case Material 9-ply, 15mm Plywood, Internally Braced, with Texured Paint
Frequency Response (-3 dB) 42 Hz - 100 Hz Hz
Frequency Response (-10 dB) 32 Hz - 130 Hz Hz
Max. SPL/1m (calc) 134 dB
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) H Omnidirectional
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) V Omnidirectional
LF Transducer (1) EVS-18K, 457mm (18") Woofer
HF Transducer N/A
Crossover Frequency 100 Hz
Nominal Impedance (Passive) 8 Ohms
Minimum Impedance 6.7 Ohms
Connector Type (1) XLR/TRS Combo Jack, (1) XLR Link Output
Grill 18GA Steel with Black Powdercoat
Height: 26.02"
Width: 19.96"
Depth: 22.6"
Weight: 69.89 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 86.64 lbs.
5 Year Parts & Labor Warranty by Electro-Voice™

EVELX118P Electro-Voice ELX118P
18" Powered Subwoofer (ea.) 700 Watts RMS
Electro-Voice ELX118P
List Price: $1,312.00
Our LOW Price: $799.00
You Save: $513.00 (39%)
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QSC Amplifiers
K-Series (Active) Powered Subwoofer

QSC K-Series - K-SUB (Rear View)
(move mouse to close this window)

(Mouseover image for Rear Panel)
The QSC KSUB has a 1000 watt RMS continuous Class D power module. 74 lbs. ea. Dimensions: 26" x 14" x 28.1" (including casters)

When the speakers are pole-mounted the tilt-direct, threaded pole socket converts to a 7.5° down-tilt with a 180° rotation of the dial. Impact resistant, molded ABS enclosure. Universal 110/220V - 50/60 Hz power supply. Automatic variable speed cooling fan.

Controls: Power, Gain A, Gain B, Mic/Line, Front LED (On/Off/Limit).

Indicators: Power, Signal A, Signal B, Standby, Limit, Mic.

Audio Inputs: Balanced female XLR/" line/mic level input, Balanced female XLR/" line level input, Dual Balanced male XLR full range line level out , Balanced male XLR "mix" out, Stereo RCA line level input, Remote gain control, Locking IEC power connector.

Combination Power & Audio Cables: These new items offer the convenience of having a single cable go from your audio and power source to the powered mixers. Quick and neat connection of audio mixers to self-powered speakers. Lengths: 25', 50', 75', 100'. Construction: IEC/XLR. Cable Gae: 24 guage signal lines. 14 gauge AC power cord.
QSC K Series Powered Speakers
12" Powered Subwoofer
74 lbs. ea.
1,000 Watts RMS
2,000 Watts Continuous
QSCKSUB Subwoofer List Price: $1,235.00
Our LOW Price: $1,129.00
You Save: $106.00 (9%)
Enter Quantity

Peavey Speakers
Peavey Subwoofer
Peavey® PR Passive Subwoofer
The NEW Peavey® PR Sub is a passive subwoofer for sound reinforcement consisting of a heavy-duty 15" woofer in a vented enclosure. The lightweight-yet-rugged injection-molded plastic enclosure with molded-in stand-mount cup facilitates portable use for augmenting the bass. A black powder-coated steel grille provides driver protection and a professional appearance. The PR Sub speaker system is rated at 300 Watts program power handling, and the woofer features a 2 3/8" diameter voice coil and a 50 oz. magnet for excellent long term reliability. Two 1/4" phone jack input connectors make hook-up and daisy-chaining to other speakers a breeze.
Passive 15" Subwoofer
300W RMS (ea.)
Peavey PR15 15
List Price: $299.00
Our LOW Price: $239.00
You Save: $60.00 (20%)
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