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Foam Windscreens!
Select Your Foam Windscreen Colors Now!

Care & Feeding of Mics

 The Care & Feeding of Wireless Microphones:
Wireless Microphones sold by Supreme Audio are all very durable, but do require a certain amount of care during use. For Group Fitness we recommend headworn microphones as well as the use of a protective Neoprene® belt pouch to hold the belt-pack transmitter. We suggest wrapping all belt-pack transmitters, regardless of brand, in a small plastic sandwich bag, to protect against corrosive body sweat. The belt-pack transmitter should be toweled down after use and allowed to air dry!

Foam windscreens should be removed after each use, washed and dried for protection and hygiene. A light application of Vaseline® petroleum jelly on the exterior of the microphone plug also helps prevent perspiration from entering the transmitter. Failure to protect your equipment may limit warranty coverage. Misuse is not covered under any manufacturer's warranty.

Our objective is to help you use these excellent audio tools in a manner that will ensure your enjoyment of the equipment over a long period of time. With proper care, these systems will serve you well. Microphones, cables and headbands, should be considered "consumables" and you may need to replace them sooner than the transmitter and receiver.

Specific Tips:
1. Do not wrap the cable around the headset frame. This will break the fine wires which are inside the cable, causing crackling, static and eventually no sound.

2. Do not tie a knot the cable in an attempt to make the cable shorter.This too, will break the fine wires which are inside the cable, causing crackling, static and eventually, no sound.

3. Keep the cable away from your elbows. One good tug during an aerobic/cycling class can pull the cable away from the plug causing the microphone to go "dead". Microphone clothing clips are provided with some microphones or can be purchased to prevent such damage.

4. Use a neoprene belt to protect the beltpack transmitter at all times. This will help keep the moisture off the transmitter and away from the connectors.

5. Unplug the microphone from the transmitter at the end of every day. Even when using a neoprene belt, moisture can still get into the connector. If the connector is not allowed to dry, corrosion will build over time. This will eventually damage the microphone and the transmitter connectors. Dry off the plug on the headset, as well as the jack in the belt pack transmitter.

6. Always use a foam windscreen for the microphone element. This foam cover will help protect the element from moisture. Be sure to take the foam cover off at the end of class or the end of the day to allow the element to dry. For hygiene reasons, it is recommended that each instructor have their own windscreen. Multiple windscreens for each instructor allow that instructor to always be using a dry one.

7. Be gentle. Remember that this is electronic equipment. You should handle the microphone the same way you would a pair of eye glasses. This should be considered an investment in saving your voice.

8. Choose a battery for your beltpack transmitters and stick with it. Battery sizes actually do vary and changing brands can and will effect the battery terminals of your transmitter. Over time this will cause a poor connection and lead to intermittent audio.

9. Transmitter antennas should be treated the same way as the microphone cables. They should not be bent or crimped. They will eventually break and this will cause poor reception and/or static in the system.

10. Once a headset and/or transmitter goes down and needs repair, make sure to do it immediately. Backups are helpful only if they are in good working order.

11. Having a backup headset on hand is always a wise investment.

Please contact us at 1-800-445-7398 if your have any questions.