Rayovac AA/AAA/C/D/9V PS204 Universal Battery Charger

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  • Rayovac AA/AAA/C/D/9V PS204 Universal Battery Charger
  • Rayovac AA/AAA/C/D/9V PS204 Universal Battery Charger
  • Rayovac AA/AAA/C/D/9V PS204 Universal Battery Charger - Side View
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Rayovac AA/AAA/C/D/9V PS204 Universal Battery Charger
Rechargeable NIMH - Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries for Wireless Microphones:

A question that is frequently asked is if all rechargeable batteries may be used in wireless microphones. The answer is a definite no! Rechargeable batteries available in local stores do not normally recharge high enough to meet the power requirements of wireless mics.

The one-stop charging solution. This RAYOVAC® Universal Charger works with all rechargeable battery sizes (AA, AAA, C, D, 9V) to keep the power going in all of your devices. This charger features an 8 Hour Safety Timer, LED Indicators (that show when batteries are charging) and Automatic Shut Off for added peace of mind.

We offer special commercial grade, 9 volt, 200mAh, NIMH - Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries and chargers. These special rechargeable batteries outlive long-life alkaline batteries and are the type of batteries used on many Broadway stages!

Recharge in just 14 to 16 hours...and may be recharged many times! No danger of overcharging. No "memory" problem. These batteries have hi-energy output and come off the charger at 8.4 volts instead of 7.2 volts like other batteries!

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Rechargeable Battery Chargers: (charger only)
BATTCHUNI: Universal Battery Charger - AA/AAA/9V
BATTCH9V: 9V Battery Charger - 4 Bay 9V (only)

Rechargeable Charger and Battery Combination Packages:  (charger + batteries)
BATTCOMBOAA: Universal Battery Charger + 2 x AA Batteries COMBO
BATTCOMBOAAA: Universal Battery Charger + 4 x AAA Batteries COMBO
BATTCOMBO9V: 9V Battery Charger + 2 x 9V Batteries

Rechargeable Batteries NIMH - Nickel Metal Hydride (batteries only)
1 x 9V Battery

BATTAA: 2 x AA Batteries

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