MediaManagerNetwork™ PRO Virtual Video & Audio Management System

Requires Monthly/Annual Licensing & Professional Installation.
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MediaManagerNetwork™ PRO Virtual Video & Audio Management System:

Live Streaming Broadcast!

MediaManagerNetwork™ PRO System Includes: All-In-One Computer/Control Panel, MMNPRO™ Software, HD Video Camera. Software Features: Video Recorder, Video Library & Player, Audio Library & Player, DVD Player, Images Gallery, Camera Settings, Scheduling Calendar. Prices quoted exclude shipping, professional installation and required monthly MediaManagerNetwork™ licensing of $79.00 per month.

What is MediaManagerNetwork™?

MediaManagerNetwork™ is a software platform designed specifically for organizing and playing all of the pictures, videos and music you use in your classes every day. It has many features and advantages for gyms, whether you have one location or several, and can be tailored to fit your individual business’ needs.

All of Your Media is in One Place

MediaManagerNetwork™ allows you to upload your club’s music, video and graphics, and play them back using one convenient platform. This means that the instructor doesn’t have to switch between computer programs, or juggle between multiple audio and video sources in the middle of a class.

Automatic Scheduling

In addition to simplifying operation of class media for instructors, MediaManagerNetwork™ also provides the ability to automatically schedule any pre-loaded content to play at any time, without the need for an instructor or staff member to be present in the room to begin a class.

Live Stream a Live Class to Other Facilities (MediaManagerNetwork™ PRO only)

If you own more than one club, MediaManagerNetwork™ offers is the ability to stream a live class from one facility to one, or multiple, other locations. In other words, one instructor can teach a class and, using the camera included, stream it live to your other facilities.

Record Your Own Content (MediaManagerNetwork™ PRO only)

MediaManagerNetwork™ also lets you record and save content that you create to your custom playlists. From here, you can schedule it to play automatically at any given time, or distribute it to be downloaded automatically to a playlist in another of your facilities with MediaManagerNetwork™

Access and Schedule from Anywhere

In addition to the MediaManagerNetwork™ Client interface, your subscription also includes access to an online-hosted Portal, which can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. After logging in, you can set up your automatic schedule or manage your media content uploaded to the cloud. (Note: Cloud upload and distribution functions are available only to MediaManagerNetwork™ PRO subscribers).

Benefits to Your Subscription

MediaManagerNetwork™ is a subscription license that is paid for annually. One of the major advantages to this type of software distribution is that it is constantly up-to-date, meaning you never have to worry about installing an entirely new version of the software. MediaManagerNetwork™ is constantly being developed as computer technology evolves so that, as much as possible, MediaManagerNetwork™ evolves with it. These updates are then carried out in the background, keeping any disruptions to an absolute minimum. Additionally, your fee also includes prompt tech support and troubleshooting in the event that there is an issue.

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