Galaxy TV8/TV10 Replacement Battery 2-Pak

2 batteries required for each Galaxy/Navigator system
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GALAXYBAT: Rechargeable Sealed Lead-Acid Battery:

Replacement batteries for the Galaxy Audio TV8 Portable Sound Systems
    Battery Type: Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid
    Voltage: 12 Volts (6 cells in series)
    Nominal Capacity: 5.0 A.H.
    Weight: 3.75 lbs.
    Dimensions: W 3.54 x D 2.76 x H 3.98 Inches
    Terminals: F1 + F2 - Quick disconnect tabs
    Case: Rugged ABS plastic case
    Shipping: Approved for transport by air - DOT, IATA, FAA and CAB certified
    Construction: Valve regulated spill proof construction

2 Batteries required for each system.  We recommend that you replace BOTH batteries at the same time! Actual product might vary slightly from picture above, including brand or color.

If not actively used, these batteries must be recharged every 6 months to not suffer permanent loss of capacity. The Galaxy sound systems, automatically charge these batteries when plugged in

Note: These may be used only for Galaxy TV8 with no built-in Bluetooth™.

Shipping: To comply with safety regulations, these batteries must be shipped ground.

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